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Enter Terra, a new world of product building.

Terra simplifies product design, manufacturing, and sourcing. Connect with suppliers, expedite sampling, and track production in real-time.

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Build products faster.

We at Terra have spent the last 5+ years designing, manufacturing, and shipping items for CPG brands. Unhappy with legacy procurement platforms and disconnected supplier communications, we built a tool for ourselves. Now, we’re sharing it with the world.

1. Make a  request

Describe your product, how many you want, and when you need it by. We'll take it from there.

2. Match with suppliers

Get strategically matched with a selection of pre-vetted suppliers from our extensive database. 

3. Order Samples

We coordinate all logistics to ensure you get your samples ASAP and at the lowest possible cost.

4. Scale Production

Dynamically adjust your order volume with zero downtime, all while maintaining bulk pricing.